CAPTAIN: Community-based Advanced Persistent Threat Analysis in IT Networks.

Software refactoring based on the application of the design patterns:


Bad Smell Mining Using Quality Metrics and Refactoring Opportunities:


A New Benchmark for Evaluating Pattern Mining Methods:


Mapping studies materials:


Useful presentations:


Questionnaires related to research field:

  • Researcher: Ms. Monfared

    Title of research: A new approach for the quantitative measurement of software quality from the perspective of the qualitative attributes affected by design patterns

    Title of the questionnaire: A questionnaire for evaluating the metrics intended to quantitatively measure a set of qualitative attributes

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A few examples of requirements specified by system analyzer as basis for the selection of GoF design patterns :

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Appendix file related to the paper "Machine Learning Based Android Malware Detection and Family Classification using Identify Effective Static Features over Imbalanced Dataset" :


Appendix file related to the paper "Extended Design Pattern Detection based on Feature Extraction" :


The results of evaluation for detecting GoF design patterns using support vector machine :

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Appendix file related to the paper "Probabilistic detection of GoF design patterns" :


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